Insurance Bad Faith

Insurance companies are large multi-national corporations with two distinct divisions – the underwriting department and the claims department. The underwriting department takes your money in the form of premiums. The claims department tries to hold on to that money and not pay full value for claims where they can find any reason to deny responsibility.

Insurance companies promise to pay benefits based on fair claims, but “Bad Faith” occurs in the following situations:

  –  Where they fail to pay a claim for a covered loss
  –  Denying a fair and legitimate claim
  –  Errors and mistakes on the part of brokers and agents that affect the policy holders’      claim
  –  Underpaying the claim for losses
  –  Unfair practices in interpreting what an insurance policy says

Insurance claims are highly sophisticated issues that require experienced legal counsel. When you are denied on a claim call the attorneys at 1-800-LAWMAN-1 for a consultation. Let us discuss with you the pros and cons of your particular situation.